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Why use a professional garden designer?

A garden designer does not just draw pretty pictures and faff about with some plants.  It’s a real profession!

Would you build a house without an architect? No! Like architects, garden designers can survey your garden and design it with suitable materials and plants to get the best results for the right price. The only difference is they do it outdoors! So when you are thinking of designing your outdoor space it pays to consult an expert. That’s where the garden designer comes in!

So why use a professional garden designer over a landscaper? Well a garden designer looks at an outdoor space differently to how a landscaper would. We look at the whole space and how it can be divided up but also flow to connect different areas with hard landscaping, planting and garden features. A professional garden designer can:-

– Inspire and enthuse you about your outdoor space.
– Make the best possible use of every part of your outdoor space in a comprehensive masterplan
– Help you work within your site limitations
– Ensure that the work can be done within budget. (you can save money using a garden designer!)
– Make it easier to choose materials and plants that you like and fit your site

Professional garden designers have different skills to landscapers.  This will include sound horticultural knowledge and the creative skills to transform any site, big or small no matter what the shape. They can produce 2D and 3D designs and planting plans, as well as construction drawings and work with specialist elements including water features and lighting.

A trained garden designer will help you to get the best use of your outdoor space tailored to YOUR needs. A good garden design is both functional and attractive.  All of the different features will be simple but work together to make an integrated outdoor space.

When looking for a garden designer choose someone who is properly trained and qualified. It sounds obvious but there are many out there who offer ‘design services’ who are not necessarily a professional garden designer.


Gerbera Designs is a pre-registered member of the Society of Garden Designers and a garden Design member of the Association of Professional Landscapers.

Get in touch with us at to organise a FREE consultation in Aberdeen City and Shire to start creating your dream outdoor space.

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