What to do in your garden in August

It’s late summer and there are still lots of jobs to do in your garden

Flower beds
Keep your hanging baskets looking good with regular dead heading, daily watering and weekly feeding.
Give Camellias some TLC with regular watering as they’ll now be forming next year’s flower buds.
Dead head sweet peas to maximise the flowering season.
Maintain your roses by picking and spraying frequently. Encourage climbing roses by tying in growth.
Keep deadheading flowering plants regularly to prolong blooms.
Keep watering – especially containers and new plants and preferably with grey recycled water or stored rainwater.
Keep colour in your garden by adding plants which will flower into late summer and beyond.

Fruit and veg patch
Don’t delay summer pruning espalier and cordon fruit trees as this encourages fruiting for next year.
Collect seed from favourite plants and label and store them in a dry place.
Harvest vegetables as they become ready.
Continue picking ripe raspberries and cutting out this year’s summer fruited raspberry canes down to ground level.
Remove straw from underneath strawberries. Lift and pot up rooted strawberry runners.
Continue to water onions to get the most out of your crop.
Sow salad crops into soil now to keep them coming.
Sow green manures in any bare soil.

General maintenance
Maintain a humid atmosphere in a greenhouse by dampening the floor each morning and closing the vents when the temperature drops.
Look after your pond and prevent disease by keeping filters clear and removing any weeds. Keep ponds and water features topped up in warm weather.
Ensure a clear garden path by cleaning the slabs with algicide or jet washing.
Keep water supplies topped up for birds especially in warm weather.

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