Cold climate plants for winter

A question which I am often asked at my consultations is ‘what can I grow in my garden in North East Scotland?’  Many people would like to emulate the show gardens at Chelsea Flower Show (wouldn’t we all?!) but many plants featured there will not survive a winter outdoors in North East Scotland.  

Ulf Nordfjell (http://www.nordfjellcollection.se/) is a landscape architect based in Northern Sweden.  Here winter can last from November to mid-April with average temperatures to -5 °C and -25°C and snow for around four months (similar to Aberdeenshire!).  In a recent article here are his top 5 cold climate plants for winter:-

 Corylus colurna – a symmetrical, architectural tree with corky bark corrugations. Foliage is attractive, nuts are edible and beautiful yellow catkins.corylus colurna




Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’ – a hamamelis_intermedia_diane_1_524deciduous shrub with an open habit with large leaves which turn red and yellow in autumn.  Bronze-red flowers in winter.


Ilex x meserveae ‘Blue Princess’ – a spreading, evergreen shrub with spiny, dark blue-green leaves and red berries.515_2_Ilex-meserveae-Blue-Princess-amerikanische-Stechpalme-Blue-Princess




Betulis utilis var. jacquemontii ‘Doorenbos’ – a deciduous tree with betula doorenboswhite trunk and branches.  The bark is orange when it first peels.




viburnum farreriViburnum farreri – fragrant, white flowers are produced from pink buds followed by coppery leaves in spring.

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