October’s plant of the month

October’s plant of the month is Nerine bowdenii. Nerine bowdenii is a bulbous perennial growing to 50cm tall, with strap-shaped rich green leaves with erect stems bearing umbels of lily-like pink flowers 6-8cm in width. It comes from South Africa and likes a sheltered spot in full sun. It likes any well drained soil and […]

What to do in your garden in October

Here are a few jobs to keep on top of as we approach winter:- Protect your plants – lift half hardy perennials and pot them up and put them in the greenhouse. Lift Dahlia tubers once the foliage is blackened by the first frost, dry them off and store them for next year. Lift and […]

September’s plant of the month

September’s plant of the month is Echinacea pallida. Echinacea pallida is a tallish coneflower growing to 1.2 metres with distinctive pale pink flowers.  The petals are long and linear and reflex to droop down from the brown cone.  It loves a sunny position with a southerly or westerly aspect and well drained soil. Cut back […]

What to do in your garden in September

We are nearing the end of the growing season but there are still lots of jobs to do in the garden – harvesting crops and preparing for next year. The 10 top jobs for September are:- – Lifting and dividing herbaceous perennials. They can be replanted somewhere else in your own garden or given away to […]

August’s plant of the month

August’s plant of the month is Crocosmia. Crocosmia are deciduous cormous perennials with erect, sword-shaped leaves and branched spikes of showy, funnel-shaped flowers in summer.  They are a perfect addition to the late summer border providing pops of hot colours in yellows, oranges and reds.  They like moist but well drained soil in full sun or […]

What to do in your garden in August

It’s late summer and there are still lots of jobs to do in your garden Flower beds Keep your hanging baskets looking good with regular dead heading, daily watering and weekly feeding. Give Camellias some TLC with regular watering as they’ll now be forming next year’s flower buds. Dead head sweet peas to maximise the […]

July’s plant of the month

It’s Lily season so July’s ‘Plant of the Month’ is Lilium ‘Forever Susan’.  Lily ‘Forever Susan’ _ is an Asiatic lily variety. It is a bulbous perennial with erect stems bearing narrowly ovate, spirally-arranged, glossy, dark green leaves and, in summer, large, outward-facing, orange flowers with large maroon marks on each petal. It will grow […]

What to do in your garden in July

To ensure your garden is in tip top condition during July here are my top tips:- Treat weeds in lawns and feed your lawn with a quick-acting summer feed before rain is due; Keep sowing lettuce, radish and other salad crops for fresh supplies; Spray roses to control black spot, mildew and aphids; Continue to […]

What to do in your garden in June

Some gardening jobs to be getting on with in June:- Plant out annual summer bedding plants in the garden, in containers and hanging baskets now the risk of frost has passed. If you have them growing on in a greenhouse move them outside to their final position. Continue to thin out drifts of hardy annuals […]

June’s plant of the month

June’s plant of the month is Allium ‘Purple Sensation’.  Allium are bulbous herbaceous perennials with  linear, strap-shaped or cylindrical basal leaves and star-shaped or bell-shaped flowers in an umbel on a leafless stem. ‘Purple Sensation’ is a perennial to 90cm, with short basal leaves dying down by flowering time. Flowers are small, vivid rosy-purple, in crowded […]