School Sensory Garden

Design brief:The aim of this project was to create a sensory garden for a primary school in Aberdeen City. This was for children with visual impairment and additional support needs. It needed to be a colourful, sensory space which was low maintenance. The design:The school garden was East facing so the plants needed to be […]

September’s plant of the month

September’s plant of the month is Echinacea pallida. Echinacea pallida is a tallish coneflower growing to 1.2 metres with distinctive pale pink flowers.  The petals are long and linear and reflex to droop down from the brown cone.  It loves a sunny position with a southerly or westerly aspect and well drained soil. Cut back […]

What to do in your garden in September

We are nearing the end of the growing season but there are still lots of jobs to do in the garden – harvesting crops and preparing for next year. The 10 top jobs for September are:- – Lifting and dividing herbaceous perennials. They can be replanted somewhere else in your own garden or given away to […]